Monday, November 9, 2009

Tantra Maat is a one-of-a-kind, proficient and talented intuitive consultant who has been serving people in their life journey for the last 35 years. The paranormal department of Duke University identified her at a young age as a cellular empath. An empath is someone who can pick up on what is going on within another. A cellular empath operates in a cellular unity with the other person.
An in-person or telephone consult with Tantra may seem to be a conversation with a spiritual teacher or great friend. However, much more is going on. Within an initial Resonant Core Consult with Tantra, you will find that "who you are" has been stimulated in such a way that you experience being capable of what is before you.
Using her unique connection, Tantra catalyzes a leap forward such that you experience:
1. a greater recognition of what is truly going on
2. a trued-up, empowered sense of self
3. an alignment with your greater potential
Follow-up consults support you in integrating more and more of who you are and provide an increasing clarity in being more fully alive.

Resonant Core Consult

A Resonant Core Consultation provides access to the core of who you are and moves you into resonance with what serves you in life and what you came to provide.
Each Resonant Core Consultation reinforces truths that are unique to you and, as you gain increased capacity to engage with your existing reality, you personify your next level of being fully alive. .
Consultations are recorded. You will receive both an mp3 and a CD. Each time you listen to your recorded session, you systemically continue to strengthen a sustainable sense of self with the insights and actions that guide you to an increasingly fulfilled life.
1ST time Resonant Core Consult $250.00 for an hour. ($175.00 with discount*)
Follow-up Resonant Core Consults $125.00 for an hour.
Follow-up Resonant Core Consults $65.00 for a ½ hour.

Prophetic Consult

A Prophetic Consult is a 45 minute session where Tantra listens to your alignment with the universe and, with the support of certain predictive card decks, speaks to the _ movement or direction the universe is directing asking or directing or suggesting or recommending you to take, what to watch out for, and what to strengthen or improve on your journey. The Breakout Session is a transmission between you and the universe (the greater whole of which you are a part).
The Prophetic Consult is designed to give you information only. With that said, aligning yourself with the direction that is most fortuitous for you is part of what you came to be, to experience, and to provide. There will be no Q&A's. Tantra will be a powerful vehicle of information only. At the conclusion you will receive an Mp3 and a CD of the call.
Prophetic Consult $75.00 for 45 minutes

*If you would like to invite someone to do a consult with Tantra for the first time, you can offer them a $75.00 gift certificate toward a new consult. ($250-$75=$175)
Please email or call 916-983-3221 to schedule an appointment. Make sure they tell Sapphire who referred them

"Life has become such a joy for me that there simply are not words to express how I feel...... except to say that this joy is bubbling out of every pore of my being, I feel more connected to the energy of the Universe than ever before, because of my experiences with you. Tantra, you are like a key that was missing to unlock a door that I needed and desperately wanted to open.... the key is in the lock now, the door is unlocked, I've opened the door just a crack to peer within, and I know once I push the door fully open, I'm going to burst forth with greater things than I could ever have imagined happening. I feel closer to a wholeness, not of body, but of "being". Bless you both for the work that you do, it's just as it should be! “J.S.

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