Thursday, October 22, 2009

NutriHarmony's Enfusia™ and Enfusia™ Jump Start Energy Kit

King of the energy drinks, Enfusia™ is the world’s purest and finest 100% natural energy drink. It is 100% organic, has no sugars and no chemicals of any kind. It has only 12 calories per serving. With Enfusia™ you get NEW energy and a wonderful sense of mental clarity, but there are no jitters and no crash! It’s absolutely the cleanest, most natural energy product in the world. Bar none. If you want to increase your energy, be more alert and get more done each day, you’ve just got to try Enfusia™ and Enfusia™ Jump Start Energy Kit.

Imagine Extraordinary Anti-Oxidant Power
In February of 1999 Floyd P. Horn, then Administrator of the scientific research arm of the USDA, broke the exciting news that "young and middle-aged people may be able to reduce risk of diseases of aging - including senility - simply by adding high-ORAC foods [and beverages] to their diets."
ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. It’s a very important term as it represents your protection against the terribly damaging effects of free radicals. Free radicals cause oxidative damage to the body and brain. ORAC is the analysis that measures the total antioxidant power of foods and herbs. Enfusia™ has an amazing anti-oxidant power to combat free radicals. With an unheard of ORAC value of over 850,000 units per 500-gram bag, Enfusia™ stands alone as the super anti-oxidant beverage of the herbal kingdom!
To put this in perspective, 500 grams of oranges (17½ ounces) only has an ORAC value of 3,750 units, as compared to 850,000 units in each 17½ ounce bag of Enfusia™. Protect yourself with Enfusia™!
ORAC Value Score Comparison
The ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) score is recognized by the USDA as a testing method to assess the antioxidant strength of nutritive compounds.
Some helpful hints:
  1. Work up to the 3 heaping tablespoons it suggests! I have gotten up to 1 heaping tablespoon and refill it all day and it does just fine. Really, each of us has our own capacity so start small and work up. You really be amazed how much better you feel. I was running a fever and sitting in a room with 500 people. My body was sick but "I" was alert and well!
  2. It is worth it to get a French press!
  3. I recommend you register as a business associate. It cost you nothing. You get free products if you so desire and you are supporting an amazing product that serves us all.

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