Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Saturate Your Cells: Featured Products

We at Metapoints are happy to announce blogs for your continued growth and development in a unity-based metareality! We welcome your participation. Please follow our blogs! :) Enjoy!
We have this blog for metaproducts such as health suggestions, mp3s, cds, etc. http://www.metapointsmetaproducts.blogspot.com
We have a blog for continued learning of the metarealities that are emerging in our cells and in our physical communities. http://www.metapointsreality.blogspot.com
We have a blog for the monthly gifted metatelecalls free for the public. http://www.metapointstelecalls.blogspot.com
The beauty is that your participation is what completes these blogs as unity, as a metareality! Love Deb
Keep opening yourself up to new worlds! They are here! They need your metamind to find them! Love, Tantra

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